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charlees basket smoothie bombs

Stillbirth and infant loss leaves devastation in their wake. Charlee's Basket, is trying to make it that little bit easier for families to cope with.The mission of Charlee’s Basket is simple to create hampers for families that have experienced the loss of a child during pregnancy, or in the days after birth. Beautifully presented, modern gift baskets will be filled with all the essentials for the parents during their hospital stay, plus some non-essentials to take home for the meant-to-be mum and/or dad. Little gifts, flower seeds and children’s books explaining the situation are also included for siblings. The products that comprise Charlee’s Basket are primarily Australian, sustainable, cruelty-free items that consider and benefit our environment, whilst still being as nourishing and sensitive as possible.

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65 roses smoothie bombs

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is one of the most common life-shortening genetic conditions affecting Australians. It primarily affects the lungs and the digestive systems. People with CF undergo a grueling daily treatment regime to stay healthy. 65 Roses is Cystic Fibrosis’ national fundraising initiative. It raises awareness and essential funds to extend and improve the quality of life for people with cystic fibrosis.

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empowered women

Our mission is to inspire and empower attendees to follow their dreams and aspirations through the experience and knowledge shared by the high profile speakers. We want to encourage women to build long lasting relationships through connecting with each other at the event by showcase the outstanding achievements and talent of incredible female leaders and real estate professionals.

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