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Hey I’m Lana! My disorganisation is the reason the Smoothie Bombs were created. Look, I'm not a morning person. I struggle to find matching socks, let alone eat breakfast. Clearly my floordrobe system isn’t working too well. Like any other 18 year old I'm a bit all over the place.

My mum created the Smoothie Bombs when I was 12 as an easy way for me to make breakfast. They’re kind of a no brainer. I find them a great way to have good food without too much hassle. I make smoothies using the Bombs every day. My favourite flavour is The Warrior because I’m addicted to peanut butter but I also really like that The Lover makes my skin glow.

I run this business full time with my mum. My favorite thing to do is the customer service. It’s kind of funny because I’m an introvert, but I really enjoy interacting with you guys. I love wrapping up your orders beautifully and hand writing cards. I love giving an experience that I would like myself to have.

In my free time I always have my head in a book. I’m a crazy big collector of second hand books. My room is stacked with piles upon piles. I also write a bit of poetry, make lil films and listen to a lot of podcasts. I’m currently getting into Eat Pretty, a book about beautifying foods.

If you want to get in contact, send through an email to :)

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