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What Our Customers Are Saying

Natalie Schubert “My family love The Smoothie Bombs. We each have a favourite. So easy to make and takes the stress out of breakfast on the go. Just placed my second order!”

@makingunicornsjealous “What a great story! Melbourne mum of two looking for a way to get her daughter to eat breakfast - boom - here comes the simple raw, organic Smoothie Bomb to help people make a quick nutritious meal. Drop in a bomb, a piece of fruit and milk/water and blend. Could not be simpler”

@estelle.and.friends “Took two seconds and totally delicious!”

Sarah Petroff I received my order today. Thanks for the fast delivery. Oh wow! What an amazing product. Full of goodness and it really boosted the flavour of my smoothie. I was so impressed that I've placed another order”

@melissamcd7 “Tested out the #smoothiebomb this morning. It was so much easier than I expected”

@alexx_active "I ordered these Smoothie Bombs last week and they've been the best thing thats come into my life! Makes having a snack or something to battle the hunger so much more pleasant"


Eliza Caldow Received my parcel yesterday, the hand written thank you note was a really lovely gesture. Tried my first smoothie bomb this morning and loved it. The motivator with almond milk, banana, a few spoons of vanilla bean yogurt and some ice yummy. Looking forward to working my way through the selection of Smoothie Bombs”

@kerrimoobones “I’m slightly addicted to The Smoothie Bombs”

Cara Jane “Just received my first order. They smell divine and can't wait to try them!! Thank you for noting on the front to leave out of the weather (I had a package from somewhere else left in full sun this week and half the products damaged). Quick shipment and delivery. Well Packaged and even a hand written note. Will be def be shopping again”

Elise Moloney-Morton “Absolutely in love with these smoothie bombs, could have them every day and perfect for anytime of the day for a quick breakfast or a summer dessert. I love how convenient, quick and simple they are to make, especially on a rushed morning. Your snapchat stories and videos and recipes on your website is really helpful when I want to mix up the ingredients. Would recommend this product to everyone I know. Very affordable and shipping is also so quick you can't go wrong. It's the perfect breakfast to take away on holidays. Motivator is definitely my favourite best chocolate milkshake I've tried and guilty free which is even better”

@msproperty_olinda “Just had Golden Chai, pineapple and banana OMG, my new fav” 


Julijana Pozar “Speedy shipping & nothing like a personal note. Thank you!!!”

Rachel Fothergill “Mother/Daughter businesses.. You know you’ve the benefit of a product made with love and commitment”

@styledestino “Back to the grind and since I didn’t have energy and fruits at home I used a Smoothie Bomb to fix myself a healthy smoothie, Threw in a banana with the bomb and blended it with orange juice, It was so freaking delicious! Totally in love”

Carolina Peña “Cannot be beat, super delicious and healthy!! Totally recommend”

@esskajames “A literal life saver the other morning when I was called into work and had to have breakfast, get ready and then physically get there all within half an hour”

Nicole Thanks for the quick response to my email, wasnt expecting to hear from anyone until Monday & that was at the earliest!! Your customer service is amazing!! Cant wait to try these!


 @alyssiajaynefitness “The Smoothie Bombs are officially my new ‘go to’ for super fast, super delicious meals”

@food_intelligence “DA BOMB // I love me a good smoothie, jam packed full of nutrients and they deliver a quick energy kick. Post workout yesterday I added a #smoothiebomb to pack a punch to my regular smoothie. It was amazing”

@emmalouisehamer “Cacao and Peanut Butter are awesome with almond milk and a frozen banana”

@seeme_roar “Part of my body love journey is loving my body so much i choose to fuel it with food packed with goodness. I need a quick breakfast in the morning because i prefer sleeping to eating which means i don’t eat anything as quick stuff is normally not great for me. Then I won these Smoothie Bombs, chuck one in a smoothie and add a whole lot of goodness. I think I’m on to a winner”

@rachel_wants_abs “Finally giving these bad boys a go after a recommendation from @olivia_fitness_motivation and the verdict is in.. Yummo!!”


@beckyhartpersonalfitness “Quick fix for an early breakfast”

@kerrimoobones “Loving these Smoothie Bombs. So easy!”

@sbnaturopathy “Sometimes life gets in the way and we let our diet slip. These Smoothie Bombs are the perfect lazy girls way of keeping things in check! Just add organic fruit and liquid of choice and BOOM! Smoothie done!”

Steven Yalowitz “Great idea! Love the product. Such a convenient way to make smoothies”

@new_mum_tips “Yum! These are the bomb! These lil bombs pack a punch and are so handy travelling in a caravan when pantry space is limited! BOOM!”

@thehappyapplegreengrocer “These are terrific and with a range of flavour options we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do”

@emmalouisehamer “Just tried my first #smoothiebomb before our TRL game tonight.. Amazing!!”

@trishybaby "These Smoothie Bombs are literally THE BOMB!! and to get a special little thank you note from them as well, makes me love them even more!”

@ethikate “They're awesome and proud to have them as a client. Her story is inspirational and she’s very authentic. Get on ‘em!”

@healthy_life_aitkenvale “Need a little help with getting started with your day.. try the Motivator”

@felbell “Super Berry Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bomb Bowl. Blended one frozen pack of dragon fruit, one #smoothiebomb {The Lover}, frozen bananas and raspberries with a heaped scoop of barley grass juice powder”

@vegan.tothecore “Raw Cacao and Golden Chai Smoothie Bombs! Awesome Christmas presents from my mumma!! Can’t get enough of them”

@soulfulthree “What do you do when you have super sensitive teeth & need a pick me up? Make a not so naughty smoothie with @zebradreamicecream, @thesmoothiebombs for energy & @wholefoodssimply pb slice blended”

@peachesfreshfood “Make your breakfast the bomb with a little helping hand from the Smoothie Bombs!”

@melissamcd7 “An old school friend posted @thesmoothiebombs a while back. Because of my training and family, I don’t always remember to eat important meals like breakfast. Got these babies in the mail today and can’t wait to wake up tomorrow”

@born_organic_wa “We’ve been obsessing over The Smoothie Bombs, they are so easy to use and perfect for this summer weather”

@soulfulthree “Starting the morning with a peanut butter Warrior Smoothie Bomb.. all natural, vegan & gluten free. It’s easy, just add a bomb with a cup of milk and mix a serving of fruit & away you go”

@healthyfitmols “The Warrior is forever my favourite”

@estelle.and.friends “They are nutritious AND delicious!”

@plantbasedboxaus “These little bombs are perfect for a great smoothie recipe packed with goodness! Just add a cup of liquid, a piece of fruit, a bomb and blend away for a yummy smoothie!”

@my2little.loves “No more excuses for skipping breakfast & not having all the organic ingredients on hand to make a nutritional smoothie when I have these babies ready to go”

 @my2little.loves “You would love them! So good, no more having to buy all the ingredients to add, just that one little ball”

 @ninalouisehooper “These things are great, you just throw one in a blender with a serving of fruit and a cup of liquid and they contain all the nutrients/superfoods to really give your smoothie a boost” “The Smoothie Bombs are blasts of nutritional goodness to boost your smoothie in one pop”

@everythingcoconutsandmore “No time for breakfast in the morning? Smoothie Bombs have you covered”

@everythingcoconutsandmore “Just drop a bomb, a piece of fruit and a cup of liquid into your blender, blend away and reap the benefits”

@born_organic_wa “Simply blend a Smoothie Bomb, coconut water and a piece of fruit and you have a smoothie filled with over 10 superfood ingredients”

 @raisinglittlevegans “So many superfoods packed into these little things”

 @raisinglittlevegans “Morning smoothie today - one of The Smoothie Bombs The Lover bomb + 1 banana & a handful of organic strawberries + 1 cup coconut water. The girls loved it!

 @melhumphries “A bit of #warrior smoothie from The Smoothie Bombs for breakfast this morning! Nothing like a peanut butter twist on a banana smoothie”

@elleshealthyandwellbeingblog “Quick, easy & convenient”

@xtendbarrecanberra “Smoothie Bombs make for the perfect, nutritious foundation” “I’ve been wanting to try these for ages - so excited”’


@wakefieldgrangebutcherygrocer “All organic, packed with superfoods, these little bombs of goodness provide the perfect pick me up when chucked in a smoothie!”

@kerrimoobones “When you get a handwritten thank you note from the smoothie bombs team!!! Thank you! Absolutely love the Super Greens and can not wait to try the Raw Cacao”

@xtendbarrecanberra “A Smoothie Bomb is an easy way to increase overall vitamin, mineral, protein, iron and fibre intake in your smoothie!”

@alittlebitofyellow “Trying out these Raw Cacao Smoothie Bombs today #sogood”

@stephaniepech “Happy, healthy start to the day”

@alana_nicole_brown “So I have found something exciting that i got in my @goodnessmebox it is a Smoothie Bomb and it tastes amazing!! They are organic balls made from raw ingredients and I put mine in a blender with ice, green apple and some water. My new favourite thing”

@amyhages “Just received my first purchase today! Can’t wait to try it!!”

@thwaitestagram “I’m thrilled to see you stock in my town #MtEliza I’ll have to pick some up”

Cait Sims “Sooooo amazing!!!! Tried coffee and raw cacao with banana and macca milk so amazing highly recommend!!!!! Makings smoothies simple but so yummy!!!” 

Renae Versteegen “I had the berry one and soooo yummy!! Great to add that bit extra to my morning banana smoothie”

Gregory Foster “Has the most beautiful packaging, and is dead simple. Also, it blends perfectly with soylent haha!”

@everythingcoconutandmore “The Lover is definitely my favourite flavour of Smoothie Bombs”

Leigh Johnson “Absolutely amazing. I love this. Feeds my body well”

Micky White Love everything about this product”

@mapleberryphotography “Trying out the Smoothie Bombs I won recently from @luxah_giftsandhomewares! Which one should I choose? They all sound delicious”

@beautyofarcadia Have you tried The Smoothie Bombs yet? You’re missing out if you haven't”