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Coffee smoothies giveaway

This week we've teamed up with Mana Cold Brew to give 1 lucky Smoothie Bomber a Starter Pack and 2 packs of cold brewed coffee. We loving using Mana Cold Brew in smoothies for extra energy, especially with our Motivator Raw Cacao flavour and a banana!

smoothie bombs


Like The Smoothie Bombs and Mana Cold Brew on Facebook and tag a friend in the competition post!

Smoothie Bombs Starter Pack (makes 25 smoothies) $55
Mana Cold Brew 2 x 1.5L cold brewed coffee $40


Competition starts 26/02/18 and ends 04/03/18. Australian entries only!


We only ever collaborate with likeminded ethical brands. See below for more info on Mana Cold Brew :)


mana cold brew

Ever worked night shift and found all the decent cafes closed? Or realised that the amount you’re spending on coffee equates to the GDP of a small nation? Perhaps you recently slept with your barista and can no longer make eye contact? Eeek. Awkward.

Maybe you just like your coffee with lower acidity, higher caffeine, less bitterness and more developed flavour, but can't seem to find it anywhere.

These might seem like unsolvable problems, worthy of throwing up your hands, curling into a ball and weeping uncontrollably. But fear not, they all have the same simple, great tasting solution.

Meet Mana: one point five litres of quality cold brewed coffee, in a box.

Mana is pure, smooth and unadulterated coffee that will follow you anywhere. Take it to work, keep it at home, or cram it in the car for your road trip, festival or glamping expedition.

And feel good about it! You'll be reducing nasty packaging and enjoying cold brew made with specialty beans that are ethically sourced. You can even read about the farmer who grows your beans here.

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