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Our Story

A mum and daughter running a business together? That may sound a little odd, but we like doing things our own way. We certainly aren’t the kind of business people that sat down and thought of a way to make lots of money. Quite the opposite! Smoothie Bombs was an accidental invention that helped solve a fussy eater problem in our home.

We work together and we're best friends!

I’d started a degree for the first time at 42 because I was sick of struggling with odd jobs and no clear career direction or financial security. I’d been in survival mode taking care of two young kids on my own until that point, but they were old enough by then for me to reevaluate my options. My degree was in clinical nutrition (I really love food and healthy eating) and I had a vision that I’d one day run my own clinic and help lots of people by showing them how to eat better.

Cinzia and Lana in 2000 (left) and in 2019 (right)

Once I’d finished the degree, I started practicing in a local clinic but quickly realized I had some problems in my own home that needed to be addressed. My youngest daughter, Lana, then 13, was a fussy eater. I could tell her until I was blue in the face about what was good for her, but at the end of the day she wanted to eat what looked and tasted good to her, so I had to get creative. For dinners, I’d sneak lots of vegetables into blended soups so she wouldn’t reject them, but an even bigger issue was that she always skipped breakfast.

I tried all kinds of things until I stumbled across the idea of sneaky smoothies. I was already in the habit of making smoothies at home each morning with all the superfoods in my cupboard. My smoothies were certainly good for you, but they didn’t necessarily taste great. One day, it occurred to me that with just a few additional ingredients, I could trick her into having a “chocolate smoothie” on the go and hide a bunch of the healthier ingredients in there. And it worked!

Cinzia making Smoothie Bombs at home 2011.

Soon she was asking for these smoothies so regularly that I came up with a pre-portioned smoothie booster so she could make them herself. And badda bing badda boom! Smoothie Bombs were born.

Once I got the blend right, I started talking about them with my clients at the clinic who were all eager to give them a go. The positive response was overwhelming. With a bit of wind under my sails, I approached friends who ran local cafes and asked if they’d be interested in putting my kind of smoothies on their menu - they were and the smoothies became a hit! Soon after, I began to design packaging and launched an online store which truly set the wheels in motion. I eventually left my work at the clinic to pursue the Smoothie Bomb business full time and convinced Lana, my fussy eater, to join me on this crazy journey.

We love meeting the Smoothie Bomb community in person at markets!

Since those early days of the Smoothie Bombs back in 2011, we have built a community of smoothie lovers near and far. Outside of Australia, you can get Smoothie Bombs in the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and even in Tahiti! Who would have thought it? It makes me proud to be helping so many.

Delivering a big order to our first major retailer. We were beyond excited!

We've also really proud to say we've won a handful of awards over the years. Not only are these awards a huge honor, but the award ceremonies are also a great time!

Here are a couple of the awards we were most excited to win.

We're still very much a small business, but we're growing fast and we're so excited about the future. As a team, we're always brainstorming new products and ways to connect with our community. More than anything, we're so grateful to the Smoothie Bombs squad for being there with us, giving us honest feedback and generally being the best, most dedicated smoothie lovers out there.

Love, Cinzia Cozzolino
(Nutritionist & founder of The Smoothie Bombs)



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