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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Smoothie Bombs?

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Smoothie boosters! Each Bomb has 10 organic ingredients to add to your regular smoothie mix for extra nutrition. #LifeChanging!

What are the benefits?

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They are a quick way to add 10 nutritious ingredients into your regular smoothies. They help give you more energy and keep you fuller for longer - who doesn’t want that?!

How do I use them?

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Crumble 1 Smoothie Bomb in with your regular smoothie (fruit and milk) and blend for a minute.

We have lots of delicious recipes on our website, in our VIP Facebook Group and on our Instagram @thesmoothiebombs

What’s in them?

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Smoothie Bombs combine organic superfoods, nuts and seeds, fibre and fruit in a pre-portioned Bomb. Go into each flavour to see the specific ingredients.

Are these a meal replacement?

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Sure! We recommend adding a Smoothie Bomb and protein powder to your regular smoothie for a meal replacement.

Where are these made?

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Smoothie Bombs are made right here in Melbourne, Australia! We’re a proudly owned and run Aussie small family business.

How is your packaging compostable?

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Our Smoothie Bombs are wrapped in a compostable film. No plastic here! It’s made of cellulose and can break down in your home compost bin (or your normal bin). Pretty cool huh?

Are these smoothies for me?

Are they pregnancy/breastfeeding friendly?

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Our smoothie boosters are pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly. The only flavour to be cautious with is our Iced Coffee booster which has real organic coffee in it. It contains 50mg caffeine per serve (an average coffee contains between 70-140mg).

Are they kid friendly?

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Yup! Just don’t give them the Iced Coffee flavour or they’ll be bouncing off the walls ;)

Are they gluten free/dairy free?

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Yes and yes!

I have allergies! What allergens are in these?

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All Smoothie Bombs contain almonds. The Peanut Butter flavour also contains real peanuts. Our products are made in a facility that also handles egg, soy, sesame, peanuts and other tree nuts.

How many can I have a day?

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We recommend 1-2 smoothies a day. Definitely join our Facebook group to see how our community are using them. Search 'Smoothie Bombs Squad' in your FB search bar!

Delivery & Returns

How much is shipping?

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We offer FREE standard shipping on orders $85+ and FREE express shipping on orders $200 or more. For orders under $85 shipping starts from $8.50

When will my order arrive?

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Orders usually arrive within 4-6 business days. If you’ve selected express shipping it’ll arrive in 1-2 days!

How do I track my order?

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We use Australia Post for all your orders. You will receive an email with your tracking as soon as we mail it out.

Can I return my order?

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Sadly, we don’t accept returns as our product is food and it ain’t safe! If you need help with how to use them, email us or check out our live how to videos on our social media.

Can I get a refund?

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If there is an issue or your product was damaged in transit, we will happily replace it for you or refund it. Totally up to you! Just send us an email

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