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Mother's Day Giveaway

This Mother's Day we're giving one lucky mum or motherly figure a hamper full of products from businesses run and owned by mums! Enter here :)

THE PRIZE Total Value: $463.30

Smoothie Bombs Starter Pack (Makes 25 smoothies) $55
Milk Mama Breastfeeding Smoothie Mix $15.90
Little Minx Milestones The Royal Treatment Care Package $59
Bare and Boho Tea Flask with Bamboo Sleeve $24.50
My Organic Child DoTerra Essential Oil’s Intro Pack $35
Rashoodz Swimwear Pink Women’s Rashie $65
The Middletree Co Lychee & Pink Peony Soy Candle $45
White Light Publishing 111 Beliefs Book  $15
Squid Threads mum and bub matching tees $52
Adventure Snacks Cranberry, Fig & Seed Balls + Choc-Beet Muffins $26.90
Little Innoscents Natural Cleaning Starter Bundle $50
Print & Party What's For Dinner Meal Planner $20

THE BRANDS - Read each mumma's story below :)

milk mama

Milk Mama was founded by a mother who is passionate about natural and holistic lifestyle. With an emphasis on breastfeeding and postpartum practices from around the world, these products aim to help women transition into motherhood with a little bit more ease. Her own quest for natural, healthy milk promoting foods brought about the breastfeeding mixes.

Little Minx Milestones

Mum of two creative, energetic and busy Little Minxes, founder Vicky Mann knows that it can be hard to track down natural and effective solutions for all the different challenges of parenting. There are so many products available, its difficult to work out which ones you can trust. Little Minx was created from her own experience (and loads of trial and error) and in combination of the 300+ families who voted on their favourite products that they had extensively tried, tested and loved.

Bare and Boho

My name is Jordie, and I feel abundantly blessed to be journeying through motherhood with my little son and closest friend- Hunter -at my side. Birthing, nurturing and nourishing my child, has truly revived my sense of purpose and renewed my perspective. He is my inspiration behind exploring and embracing an earth-friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle, and so we decided to share our ideas with other beautiful Mamas.

What started with redesigning a collection of Modern Cloth Nappies due to dissatisfaction with popular brands; began a snow-ball of ideas about other ways we could share our lifestyle with the world; focusing on eco-friendly and organic collections, designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle for mother, baby, home and health. Sending love to all Mamas, xx

my organic child
As someone who has been passionate about health and wellness for a long time (just calculated HOW long - whoa I'm old!), I've dabbled in many aspects of alternative health. I was eating quinoa before it was cool and in EVERYTHING (but still calling it kwin-o-a haha), I lived on green smoothies in my twenties and everyone except my husband raised an eyebrow when I started putting my crystals out in the moonlight to recharge.

As part of that I've played with essentials oils for well over a decade on my skin, in my food and of course just because I thought they smelled pretty. When I had my first baby, I stopped using perfume as I found the synthetic chemicals gave me and him a headache but I found the ones I bought from my local health food store didn't quite do the job. (I realised later it was because they weren't 100% pure oil, typically distilled with a filler oil). Some time after, my now 3.5 year old son had recently started full days in his Montessori school and without fail, like clockwork, every night at 11pm he would yell out, awake but not awake with night terrors. It would take us up to an hour to settle him. We couldn't figure it out. I was exhausted (I had a newborn too).

DoTerra kept popping up on my radar, but I never took much notice of them until recently when a friend finally sent me some samples after I was talking to her about my son's night terrors. "Try this", she said. The day I got them I put a drop of the Serenity + Balance blend on the soles of his feet (diluted of course). Now here's the part where I tell you it was like a miracle. LOL - well it was. The next morning I woke up and realised that he hadn't woke up at all. Slept through - in fact I had to get him to get him to school on time. We've had many more amazing experiences with the oils since and I've learned so much about the powerful potency of what nature can actually do


When two clever mums saw that there was a need for swimwear that addressed the needs of mums and their kids, Rashoodz was born. The result is the patented Rashoodz designed swimsuit that has a legionnaire’s hat attached to the collar by clips. This stops the little ones from taking their hat off constantly. If the hat does eventually manage to get taken off, it won’t be thrown from the pram never to be seen again, because it’s attached to the collar of the swimsuit.

One of the other important points of difference with Rashoodz swimwear is the clips in the crotch of the baby swimsuits, which allows for fuss-free nappy changes. And if you’re using one of our baby swim nappies underneath, you’ll never have to worry about leakages or embarrassing moments at the pool again! Launched in 2008 by Laura Furiosi, who has three beautiful children of her own, Rashoodz has quickly gone from strength to strength and is now being sold in the UK, UAE, USA, Japan, and all over Australia. It’s also been featured in a number of prominent publications including Practical Parenting, Mother and Baby, and Shop 4 Kids.


Middletree combines a love of quality candles with a passion for design and decor. Juggling life as a working mum, for our Creative Director Jemma, candles became a little bit of “me time” in an otherwise demanding day. An experience in a jar that she wanted to share with others.

Inspired by simplicity, our aim was to create a stylish and unique range of home fragrance products that would not only compliment changing decor trends, but add a little luxury to every day life. In 2014, Middletree officially launched, with our very popular custom and corporate range following six months later.

white light publishing

White Light Publishing House is owned and operated by Mum of 3, Christie Lyons. White Light Publishing House consists of a team of passionate souls, offering exceptional services with respect, love and authenticity. They recognise the need for writers and artists to see their publishing dreams realised. They offer authors an affordable option that also allows their clients to maintain rights to their work, and control over their vision.

squid threads
Who is the brains behind this op? Well, that would be me. "That Lady"... "Mum"... "Wife"... "Michelle"... Me in a nutshell? Proud parent to 2 little squids who I plan on giving kisses and cuddles to well into their teenage years. Fashion enthusiast (read: clothes hoarder) who, since the arrival of my precious pair has developed a passion for kids fashion. Not one to be into cutesy logos and motifs I struggled to find the 'tongue in cheek' tees I longed for for my rumbustious little fella. Fast forward a few years and a lot of dreaming Squid Threads was born.

adventure snacks

My gorgeous boy Oscar who happens to be the inspiration and driving force behind starting the business.  You see, after I had Oscar in 2012 everything changed.  When you have a child your whole outlook on life changes, and suddenly I found myself hyper-aware of the food I was feeding him.  I am, after all, responsible for ensuring he grows up to be as healthy as possible.  I couldn't bear the thought of filling him up on processed foods packed full of refined sugar and preservatives so I started to look for alternatives - things that were healthy but also convenient.

As he grew into a toddler I got used to hearing the phrase ‘I want a snack’ A LOT.  And so the quest began to find an assortment of snacks which were reasonably nutritious, but also easy to pack into his bag and eat on the run.  I started looking up recipes for healthy baked goods and found I hardly ever had everything I needed in the pantry, but the packet mixes on supermarket shelves had little to no nutrition – not ideal for a growing boy...  And so hatched the idea that I could create 'packet mixes' for all the people out there who, like me, are conscious of what their family eats but also needed an option which didn’t involve juggling an armful of ingredients while being pulled in every direction by an energetic toddler!

I have worked hard to come up with these products and I plan to add more to the range in the near future.  This is only the beginning – my mission to educate people on what they are eating will continue, alongside creating new products which find the balance between convenient and healthy.  Life is one big adventure made up of many small adventures and Adventure Snacks will help provide just the fuel you need to enjoy the journey!

little innocescents

Little Innoscents was founded in 2007, after the Director Antonette Golikidis fell pregnant with her first child Alex. Antonette searched endlessly for baby products that were chemical free and found herself disappointed to find such a limited number of products, which were often difficult to find, too expensive, or offered misleading greenwashing marketing strategies to persuade you to buy something that wasn’t all what it said it to be.

“I was so tired of ‘pretend’ organic companies misleading consumers with clever marketing strategies which enabled them to promote ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ claims without really having formulations that abide by this claim.”

Antonette began making the products in her kitchen at home and spent 10 months perfecting the ingredients. She formulated a nappy rash cream, massage lotion, massage oil, body powder, body and hair wash, vapour rub balm and organic soap. The range can also help relieve a wide range of childhood health and skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

print and party

For as long as I can remember, I have loved parties and celebrations. As a small child, I would spend hours looking through my mother’s Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book, carefully picking the perfect cake and theme for my next party. My father was a small business owner and gave me my first job at his Hungry Jack’s restaurant, as a children’s party hostess. I have always been so passionate about making children’s birthday parties a special and joyful event for families!

In 2013, whilst on maternity leave from my teaching job, I had a strong desire to use to creativity and passion for parties to start a business. I needed something to do in between the monotonous routine of naps, feeds and nappy changes! I opened a little eBay store selling printed invitations, and the focus soon evolved towards my favourite parties – childrens’ parties. When my son Benjamin turned one I threw him a very elaborate party with beautiful invitations, a styled lolly buffet and coordinated personalised party stationery. This was the party that started it all! I had many requests from friends afterwards to help with the planning of their own little one’s parties.

I  realised that many mums, especially first time mums, have a strong desire to throw a beautiful party, like the ones they see on Pinterest and Instagram, but don’t have the time, knowledge and/or skills to create the beautifully personalised party invitations and stationery that completes the whole theme. This is where I can help!