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XMAS Giveaway

We've put together a hamper of a few of our favourite ethical brands to gift one lucky follower a Christmas gift worth $344.94!!! Enter for yourself or for a friend or family member :)

smoothie bombs

Like The Smoothie Bombs, Willow Bay, Pure Papaya Care, 99th Monkey and The Fermentary on facebook and tag a friend or family member in the comments!

1 x Smoothie Bombs Starter Pack $55
1 x Willow Bay Day Dreamer Neoprene Tote Bag / Wine $129.95
3 x PURE Papaya Renew cream $60
1 x 99th Monkey Peanut Butter 750g, tote bag $40
1 x The Fermentary Ferment For Good book $39.99
TOTAL VALUE: $324.94

Competition starts 18/12/17 and ends 24/12/17


smoothie bombs

Smoothie Bombs are smoothie boosters designed by nutritionist Cinzia Cozzolino for her fussy eating daughter. We are committed to changing bad habits by making good choices simpler. We do this by providing the right combination of healthy ingredients in a convenient and easy to use way. We value our customer's feedback and have evolved our products by listening. 

willow bay australia

Willow Bay Neoprene Tote Bags are crafted with neoprene fabric making them practical and stylish. A lightweight, relaxed style tote that will become your everyday bag.


pure papaya care

The PURE Papaya Care skincare range was formulated by naturopaths to find a real alternative to skin care products filled with harsh chemicals.

Most people don’t know that products applied to your skin get absorbed directly into your bloodstream which can bypass the livers detoxification process. The philosophy behind PURE is simple:

Create products with high quality natural ingredients that work and are genuinely good for the skin.

Before PURE was developed, ‘natural’ products on the market still contained “hidden” chemicals but PURE is the 100% natural certified alternative.


99th monkey

99th Monkey’s exceptional nut butters are handmade in Melbourne, using all ethically sourced, minimally processed ingredients in the belief that delicious food should also be good for your health and good for your planet. 


The fermentary

We want to make our real, slow food SO delicious that people everywhere will be able to access this or make it themselves and want to eat it every day.  For good guts we produce authentic, slow fermented vegetables, kefirs, mustards, miso and kvass.  And for those who'd rather make their own, the know-how or confidence. There are many amazing, very real nutritional and health benefits of eating fermented foods but our focus is on flavour.   It's lovely to think of  "food as your medicine" but we want real food to be the norm and our ferments to fit under that category. Too many people ask me how much of our kefir or krauts they should 'take'!!  If you are immune compromised or know that you have a very delicate digestive system then certainly go easy, start very slowly and build from there. This is FOOD, just enjoy it, and find different ways to do that.