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3 Budget Hacks for Winter Breakfast

We are always looking for ways to save money, so we can spend on the good things in life - like holidays! I find winter is the best time to set your intentions and get your scrooge on.  

It’s too cold to go out regularly and it’s much more feasible to stay indoors and cook up meals with lots of cosy family time. Think budget bulk soups and stews and Netflix.

So what about breakfast? Statistics show that 1 in 3 Aussies are skipping this important meal and if you’re wanting that extra 5 minute cosy bedtime, it’s likely the winter is the worse skipping time. If you want to make breakfast a no-brainer and easy on the coin, here are some hacks to help.

  • 1) Buy bulk fruit/veg and freeze for smoothies - if you are anything like us, we drink smoothies all year around so making it affordable is part of the plan.

  •  Go to your local fresh food market on a Sunday afternoon when they are offering the best bargins on produce. Buy bulk when fruit is ripe and cheap.
  • Rather than buy wasteful plastic snap-lock bags, portion serve fruit/veg in a reusable rectangle tub with lid. Store in your freezer and use when required (up to 2-3 months). 

    smoothie prep

2) Buy yesterday’s bread - why not? If you’re toasting for breakfast then it doesn’t matter.  Some bakeries sell off the bread at the end of day or the next so keep an eye out and pop the loaf in the freezer. Here are some cheap and yummy toppers for brekky.

  • Apples slices, tahini and walnuts - thinly sliced apple is delish when combined walnut and the tahini helps to stick it all together. Great for energy, brain power and taste buds.
  • Nut butter and banana - it’s my ‘died and gone to heaven’ option. If you’re a peanut butter fiend, freshly blended from the health food shop is best (there are some things you shouldn’t skimp on) and cheap bananas from, you guessed it, the markets on the weekend.
  • Avocado and vegemite - if you haven’t tried this combo, you are missing out! And yeah, I know avocados can be on the pricey side but again, you’ll find bargains on the weekend fresh food markets. And remember a little vegemite goes a long way, don’t slather or you’ll overdo the salt.

    toast option

3) Buy everything in bulk - seriously, it’s so easy to do this now with loads of bulk option coming to health food stores or The Source Bulk Foods which are popping up everywhere. You can make up your own blends of muesli and porridge that suit your taste. Often these stores also make up their own blends which a usually much more healthier than the sugar laden supermarket variety. You also get to feel good about yourself because:

  • You’re recycling - bring in your own jar or use their paper bags
  • You’re saving money
  • You’re eating less processed and more wholefood

bulk food

We all know that the best way to save money is to have a budget set and stick to it. The problem is, most of us are really crap at it. So, getting some practically systems in place and having a goal to save for (eg getting as far away from winter) might be a good way to start.

Happy saving,

Love Cinzia xx

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