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Our brand story doesn’t follow the conventional ‘business tale’. There was no set plan for The Smoothie Bombs to be the business it is today. In fact, if someone had told me 8 years ago that I would create a brand that is sold Australia wide and internationally I would have laughed!

Before I became a nutritionist I lived on welfare and raised my daughters for 12 years on an income of less than $30,000. Though it was a struggle financially I was passionate about real food and always gave my girls the most nutritious food possible. It was this that led me to create Smoothie Bombs at my kitchen bench.

 If you’re a mum with school age children, then you likely know the struggle of getting kids up and ready for the day. You may experience daily the problem I had with trying to get my youngest daughter, Lana, to eat breakfast before school. She wouldn’t have a meal in the morning but she would happily drink something. To give her smoothies some sustenance I started to combine the nuts and seeds and superfood ingredients that we had in our cupboard into pre-portioned boosters.

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After proving to be such a hit at home, I began to make and sell these boosters to friends and local cafes. They were more popular than I could have ever imagined. I realised how common this issue is. Almost a third of Australians skip breakfast 3 times a week, with 56% of our population at least once a week. This deeply motivated me to develop my home recipe into a retail product. The Smoothie Bombs have grown organically from there.

When I started to expand I had to find a manufacturer to produce The Smoothie Bombs. I was struggling to keep up with demand. I remember we got an order from the royal family in Dubai and hand rolled the Bombs all day every day for a whole week. I mean, how many people can say they’ve sold (healthy) Bombs to the Middle East?!

Though each individual Smoothie Bomb is no longer hand rolled in our kitchen, they are still uncompromisingly produced at a family run factory, using entirely plant-based ingredients which are certified organic and ethically sourced. Our packaging is also certified compostable and recyclable. This is something we will never waiver from. 

My now breakfast eating daughter and I run this business together. We're best friends!
It’s been a challenge and a lot of hard work over the past 9 years. It’s our purpose and passion that keeps us going.
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