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Book Your Initial Nutrition Consultation with Cinzia

In this 60 minute introductory nutrition consultation, you will review your health goals and current lifestyle and come away with a personalised health plan that you feel confident about putting into action straight away.
You'll be meeting with clinical nutritionist and Founder of The Smoothie Bombs, Cinzia Cozzolino, BHSc Nutritional Medicine. Cinzia's passion for healthy, delicious food that was ignited when she became a mother and was faced with the challenges of the day to day struggles of getting good nourishing food into her family.
Cinzia returned to study at 42 to arm herself with the best nutritional information so she could help others. She went on to create the awarding winning Smoothie Bombs, a smoothie booster range, where she helps thousands of families around Australia and the world make healthier choices.
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