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Portions Under Control

We love food don’t we? Especially those delicious meals that bring family together where everyone enjoys what’s on their plate. Often it’s at these times that we tend to overeat. It’s not too noticeable at first, going back for seconds it what we do, even though our plates were a good size the first round.

I would like to believe that we would be indulging in that extra piece of broccoli and lettuce, but the truth is it’s more likely to be an extra piece of chicken or mouthful or two more of pasta. We fill ourselves up and then sit down and watch the telly. 


What happens after that is your body has all this fuel to expend. It was designed to use food as a source of energy to help you perform your daily tasks. But after dinner, we want to relax and therefore that big plate of food gets stored and turned into fat cells for later use. Unfortunately, this process builds up and we end up having more stored than we can use and then our health suffers as a result.

Most of us have seen the portion plate image on the net but often we’re just not following it. At dinner time we slap on the extra dollop of mash potatoes and extra piece of bread because it just tastes good. Or it could be that you snack throughout the day on that large packet of chips in your cupboard, or dipping into a packet of biscuits. Unfortunately it’s these kinds of habits which will get us into trouble down the track because before you know it, you’ve gained a few extra kilos. Depending on what stage in life you are at, it could be you’re having a baby or two, or you get sick and become less mobile and this is where you find yourself at a weight you’re just not happy with. 

Getting a handle on the amount you eat is an essential part of getting back on track. You don’t need to restrict food altogether, it’s more about having less per serve. Making portion control a healthy habit means we have a more positive relationship with food.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Don’t pile up your plate - keep the serve of each food group: veggies, protein and carbs within the rim of your plate.

  • Use the Palm Rule - your protein portion should fit in the palm of your hand eg 1 piece of chicken, no more. The bigger the palm of your hand, the more protein you need.

  • Eat slower -  This is much better for your digestion and it also means you have time to register that you are full. It takes 20 mins for your stomach to signal your brain that you have had enough food.

  • Practice not finishing everything on your plate - yep, that’s right! You have been told as a child to finish everything on your plate but now try leaving a little behind (but no veggies please!).

  • Drink more water throughout the day - drinking will hydrate you and is likely to prevent overeating if you are well hydrated. Try to drink a big glass of water 20 mins before you eat each meal.

  • Follow the Plate portion diagram - ½ plate of fruit and veggies (not including potato) , ¼ plate wholegrains and starch food eg potato and ¼ protein.

  • Look at the serving size on the packet - often we eat much more than the recommended serving size of something eg. chips. It's best to check out what the serving size is in the nutritional panel on the packet.

    Please note, this is not about cutting out all the foods you like and just eating healthy - because even too much of that is not good for you. This is more about understanding moderation. We are only human after all and of course we should enjoy the foods we eat. It's understanding that a little bit is way better for your health than a lot.


    Yours in health,

    cinzia cozzolino, the smoothie bombs founder
    (BHSc Nutritional Medicine)



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    • Thank you for sharing this information I overeat a lot , so this will be good for me to Focus on.

    • Hey I love having my smoothie bomb for lunch. I use MyFitnessPal to make sure I don’t eat over 1200 calories so far I have lost over 10kg which means I haven’t been this weight since I was 18


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